Whisky Review #108 Yamazaki 18yo 43%

japan_yam2Now onto a standard bottling from Yamazaki distillery. This particular 18 year old bottling has won dozens of awards over the years, so I’m quite eager to see what all the fuss is about.

On the nose: Rich and acidic, fruity pipetobacco, cardamom, oranges, green apples, lemonoil and furniture polish. Water makes it more oaky and ashy with a hint of barbequed bananas.

On the palate: Oranges, tobacco, brown sugar, wine gums with dark and thick fruit notes. More malt and sour notes with water. Finishwise I’m getting tobacco again as well as rounded citrus and earth.

A lovely sherried Japanese this, but not in the traditional way. The sherry is greener in a way and not as syrupy and heavy as you would find in a lot of sherried malts from Scotland.

87/100 points

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