Whisky Review #105 Strathisla 40yo (Duncan Taylor, Lonach Collection) 43.7%

strathisla_40_lonach_spiriTime for another bottling from Duncan Taylor, this time from the Lonach collection. This rather old Strathisla was distilled in the year of 1968 and bottled at cask strength in 2008. And again, thanks to whiskymoro for the sample.

On the nose: Hay, dust and oak. Still very fruity, reminds me of canned tropical fruits. Pretty sweet actually, wasn’t expecting this. Dry redwine in the background. Water opens up for grass, whipped cream and cloudberries.

On the palate: Sour wine gums, dry resin, pears, fruitsyrup and green grapes. With water I’m getting more green grapes, more fruityness in general actually. Also some lemonade with ginger in it. The finish has pears, cinnamon as well as more wine gums.

Interesting stuff. I would never have guessed this to be 40 years old, probably more like 15 -20. It’s really good though. Very lively and fruity, but with a prominent oakyness in the background. I’m not sure whether I liked it best with or without water added..  for me, it works both ways.

87/100 points

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