Tasting three nordic IPA’s.

A few IPA’s now, just because…

20131102_152159CAP Exciter IPA 6%

Appearence: Pilsner

Nose: fresh hops, pineneedles, and resin. Straightforward and refreshing stuff.

Palate: BIG fresh hops. Slightly sweet with a hint of pinecones. A light and easygoing IPA with a very prominent hoppyness. If you’ve ever chewed on raw hops during a brewing session ect, I think that’ll give you a good idea of what the taste and finish of this one is like.

Haandbryggeriet ‘Fyr og Flamme IPA’ 6.5% Batch:573

Appearence: Cloudy, dark/brown orange.20131102_152214

Nose: Fruity hops, sweet and floral.

Palate: Rich yet balanced hoppyness with a loads of flowers and oranges. A hint of cool menthol in the background.

This is a heavier IPA than your avarage IPA. It’s almost like a meal in itself with all its rich flavours and mouthfeel. You definately can’t drink a lot of this in one go.. which is a good thing I guess.

Nøgne Ø ‘Two Captains’ Double IPA 8.5% Batch 970

There’s actually kind20131102_152247 of a cool story behind this one. The winner of Norwegian Homebrewing Championship 2010, won the opportunity to brew his beer commercially at Nøgne Ø’s brewery in Grimstad. And this is the result – an imperial IPA at a flaming 8.5% brewed according to the original recipe from the winner himself – Jan Halvor Fjeld.

Appearence: Dark, dark orange.

Nose: Hops, fruits, nuts and hay.

Palate: Fresh and fruity with hops and sawdust. Quite drying after a while with a hint of toffee. Delicious.

This is my favourite of the three. It is a richly flavoured IPA with good depth, but it’s also a very refreshing IPA with a crisp and clean hoppyness. Lovely!

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