Whiskey Review # 308 Cooley 21 years / Cadenhead & # 39; s World Whiskey 56.3%


 cooley21 Drawn from a bourbon barrel with a yield of 210 bottles.

Distilled: 1992, bottled: 2013

On the nose: Yum! Honey sweetness, some fresh wood, earth and lamp oil. Some lemon zest too. And dried fruit (papaya, mango, etc.) More fruit with water, but not dried now. Red apples, bananas and pears. Some vanilla and heather. More and more lemon peel with time

In the mouth: oily and citric acid (think lemon oil). Slightly spicy with wood juice and dandelion leaves. Sharper with water. Green apples, gooseberries and grass. Also some spicy wood and grass in the aftertaste. Long and beautiful. Slightly bitter with hints of ash and spices. More lemon zest and lemon oil with water.

Needless to say, this is rather citric acid. I like it. Although it peated on the label, it doesn’t get too much.

87/100 points

(And thanks to Håvard for the monster!)

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