Jamaica 1982 no.11

jamaica82One more, just for fun. This 30 year old single cask was bottled in 2013 by Ian Macleod for Juuls Vin & Spritis in Copenhagen. Drawn from a bourbon barrel (# 16), with a result of 186 bottles.

On the nose: very spicy, with a hint of salty licorice. Some chocolate, toffee, green grass, burnt hay and raspberry candies. Vanilla, butter, cinnamon, caramel and coffee beans are added with water.

In the mouth: very floral. Honey, black tea, sweet grass, wine gum, oak, lime and cocoa. More citrus with water. Very spicy stuff. Orange peel and unripe plums. The aftertaste is still quite floral with lightly roasted coffee beans. Green pepper, fresh wood juice and grass with water.

Definitely an extreme rum. Very green and floral.

89/100 points

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