Whisky Review #293 Nikka Coffey Malt 45%

Bottled: +/- 2014

nikka maltIn the nose: citrus fruits, dry grass, fine malt, rye bread and pepper mixture … or lemon pepper perhaps? Water makes it more syrupy with a touch of brown sugar. Very tasty.

On the palate: sweet and camphor-like. Notes of malt, brown sugar and ricola (Swiss herb drops). Camphor sweets also at the finish. Brown sugar, oak and wood varnish.

Water does not do much for this one. A very simple and uncomplicated malt, but still with a reasonable amount of personality.

84/100 points

Producer’s notes

The Nikka Coffey Malt is the result of a unique manufacturing process. It is made entirely from malted barley in Coffey type column stills which are usually used for the production of grain whisky.
Even though it is made exclusively from malted barley, it is officially classified as a grain whisky and stands out for its rich style and surprising texture.

Technical information :
Alc. – — 45%
Vol – 70cl
Category – Single Grain Whisky
Distilleries – Miyagikyo


Lively and tangy. All in freshness and citrus fruits. An ode to lemon that the sweetness of the Williams pear barely manages to attenuate. Fine notes of pepper and a hint of balsamic also blend together. Sweeter and vanilla scents make their way. Note of coffee with milk.

Like the nose, its liveliness is maintained by its aromatic development on citrus fruits (clementine, orange) that come to heckle greedy notes of coffee, praline, rum baba and vanilla cream. A surprising development on plum, mirabelle plum and greengage gives it a false air of brandy.

Extends without blinking on plums and mirabelle plums. The liquorice makes a brief appearance to let the fruit sing.

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