Whiskey Review # 315 Bruichladdich 25 Years (OMC) 48.3%


Distilled: 02.1988, bottled: 05.2013

Drawn from a filling head (HL 9810). 328 bottles

On the nose: feels a little closed when first sniffed. Get some ashes, wet grass and cranberries. Some vegetable nuts too. Almost rustic. Sweet potatoes, spicy oak, earth and salt. A drop of water changes everything. Fruity sorbet, lemonade and green grass.

In the mouth: Delicious! Salt, sweet lemon, green apples and green tea. Spice something. More citrus with water. Super crispy and juicy. The finish has salt, citrus and some smoke. Slightly dry. More refreshing citrus notes with water, but also green apples and pears.

A whiskey that needs time and a few drops of water to open. Excellent whiskey, but not a very typical / recognizable Bruichladdich as far as my experience goes (but then again I haven’t tried many old Laddie’s).

90/100 points

(Thanks to Tor Gunnar for the example!)

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