Whisky Review #312 Aberlour A’bunadh Batch #50 59.6%


Bottled in 2014.

On the nose: much more what you expect from an Aberlour, compared to batch # 19. Floral sherry with hints of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and raisins. Fruity tea, Coca-Cola, freshly ground coffee and a touch of vinegar. No significant differences with added water. Hints of hemp ropes and olives with a bit of goodwill perhaps.

In the mouth: Large and sharp with a slightly spicy edge. Dried figs, charred oak, plums and walnuts. Adding water will bring out plums, malt and creamy toffee notes. Still a bit sharp. Also charred wood in the finish. Sherry and walnuts. A fair amount of heat here.

Definitely needs mouth water. It tastes younger and rougher than the previous one, but still pretty good in my opinion. A little textbook maybe.

86/100 points

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