Whiskey Review # 309 Benromach 1978 Rare Malts 63.8%


Distilled: 1978, bottled: 1998

On the nose: sweet. Malt, heavy honey and a pinch of salt. Some charred wood in the background. Also some red fruits, especially plums. They also get apples, strawberries, mint and melons. Hints of cookie dough too. Water brings up oranges, wet sand and dusty oak. Slightly sugary.

In the mouth: Oooh, this is strong. Get oranges, orange candies, malt and honey. More viscosity with water. And more fruit, without me being more specific. However, the finish is sweet and malty with camphory notes. Water brings out more oranges and a subtle spiciness. Light and floral peppery notes

A decent whiskey, but in my opinion a bit too instructive. It gets boring after a while. Again no traces of peat, unlike the contemporary bottlings Benromach tried.

84/100 points

(Thanks to Ivar for the sample!)

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