Whiskyreview #12 Bruichladdich PEAT 46%

This is a vatting of unpeated Bruichladdich,

Port Charlotte and Octomore spirits.

Nose, big creamy cheddar cheese(I always get that when nosing laddies). Sweet peatsmoke. Very fresh and straight to the point. Salt and buttery notes. BBQ chips and sweet oakyness, seaweed. Wonderful nose.

On the palate you’ll find a more subtle cheesyness, with more salty notes and peatsmoke. There’s pomegranades, green apples and honey, and a really nice lime note. Aaahh, this is beautiful, the waves of smoke are absolutley seducing. The mouthfeel as well. Slightly dry and creamy with a more bitter citrus note in the finish.

One of my alltime favourite drams. Well done Bruichladdich. It’s a shame you stopped bottling this stuff..

91/100 points

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