Whiskyreview #11 Jura Boutique Barrels 1995 56.5%

This is a bottling from the small-batch single cask serie done by Isle of Jura distillery. This particular one has been matured in an ex-bourbon cask.

Let’s see how it tastes. Nose – salt, spice, chinese five spice, sugary grapefruit and brown sugar. Quite heavy on the nose, the opposite of light and floral. It has some dried fishy notes as well. Quite complex. I’m finding hints of orangepeel after 10mins in the glass.

To be able to enjoy this, you definetily need to water it down. Once you’ve done that, you’ll discover salt, sweet wheat bread, yeasty notes and even some linie aquavit. After a while, some rotten woody note is starting to appear, along with whitewine vinegar. More salt after a while. Hints of caffe latte and cornflakes. Oily mouthfeel.

84/100 points

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