Whiskyreview #10 Mcafee’s Benchmark 40%

An 80proof kentucky straight bourbon distilled at Buffalo Trace distillery.

Not a big bourbon drinker but I’m gonna have a go at it anyways. Nose, honey, cotton candy, plums and maplesyrup on pancakes. Quite prominent note of red overripe apples. And Bounty (the chocolate bar). Hints of glue and spice.. rosemary i think.

On the palate I find corn on the cob covered in butter. More maplesyrup, and some doughyness. There’s also a subtle yeasty note in it. This whiskey does not need water, it drowns easily. Finish is quite short with sweet notes and.. no, nothing more. This whiskey is a bit more enjoyable on the nose than on the palate in my opinion, but it’s very drinkable and smooth. I enjoy it a bit more everytime i come back to the bottle.

82/100 points

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