Whiskyreview #4 Longrow 10yo ’100 proof’ 57%

A peated malt from the Springbank distilleryimage in Campbeltown. So, the nose, allthough this is a peated malt, I struggle to find any peat on the nose. What i do find though is a BIG salty note. This is almost like drinking alcoholic saltwater, but in a good way. There’s also lemon on the nose and a wild burst of alcohol (def needs watering down, almost 50/50). It has a fruity side to.. Peaches, lime, green apples and pineapples are all over the place once you’ve added the water.

That being said, i do find it a little rough around the edges. I’m really looking forward to try the 14yo but as far as this one goes its a decent dram. Nothing more, nothing less. A bit boring and in need of some extra maturation.

83/100 points

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