Whiskyreview #2 Ardbeg Galileo 49%

This is a celebration of Ardbeg experimenting with the effect that zero graivity would have on maturation of whisky in space, or something like that. A vatting of bourbon matured and marsala matured whisky (1999-2012). A very much loved and hated limited release from the Ardbeg distillery.

Let’s start with the nose. Wet ash, tobacco, cigarbox, sweet peatsmoke. Some white pepper, hay and faint citrus. If you add water to this (and I recomend you do) it really brings out the creamyness of the dram as it also becomes more “ardbegy”. So big peat on the palate accompanied by an unusual hint of redwine (probably from the madeira casks). More citrus, ash, white pepper and some marzipan notes.. It’s even a bit herbal. All good stuff. Even though this bottling has been critisised by the ardbeg fancrowd for not being good, authentic ardbeg, I think this is a damn good dram. It’s just a bit different, and that’s almost always a good thing.

Cudos to Ardbeg for daring to step outside their whiskybox.

91/100 points

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