Whiskyreview #1 Springbank 15yo 46%

A good value whisky from the craftorientated distillery in Campbelltown.

First thing that comes to mind as im nosing it is sweet menthol, accompanied by sweet corn, raisins, prunes and whipped cream. It has salt on the palate. Cheeseflavoured nachochips, nougat and marzipan. Really grows in the glass if you give it some time. Lingering finish and it’s almost like im getting hints of sake or ricewine. And peppery notes, very well balanced.

I really enjoy this dram, allthough i didn’t care for it too much the first time i tried it. Also have to applaud the fact that it’s not been chillfiltered and that it’s free from additional colourings.

89/100 points

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