Whiskyreview #11 Jura Boutique Barrels 1995 56.5%

This is a bottling from the small-batch single cask serie done by Isle of Jura distillery. This particular one has been matured in an ex-bourbon cask.

Let’s see how it tastes. Nose – salt, spice, chinese five spice, sugary grapefruit and brown sugar. Quite heavy on the nose, the opposite of light and floral. It has some dried fishy notes as well. Quite complex. I’m finding hints of orangepeel after 10mins in the glass.

To be able to enjoy this, you definetily need to water it down. Once you’ve done that, you’ll discover salt, sweet wheat bread, yeasty notes and even some linie aquavit. After a while, some rotten woody note is starting to appear, along with whitewine vinegar. More salt after a while. Hints of caffe latte and cornflakes. Oily mouthfeel.

84/100 points

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Whiskyreview #10 Mcafee’s Benchmark 40%

An 80proof kentucky straight bourbon distilled at Buffalo Trace distillery.

Not a big bourbon drinker but I’m gonna have a go at it anyways. Nose, honey, cotton candy, plums and maplesyrup on pancakes. Quite prominent note of red overripe apples. And Bounty (the chocolate bar). Hints of glue and spice.. rosemary i think.

On the palate I find corn on the cob covered in butter. More maplesyrup, and some doughyness. There’s also a subtle yeasty note in it. This whiskey does not need water, it drowns easily. Finish is quite short with sweet notes and.. no, nothing more. This whiskey is a bit more enjoyable on the nose than on the palate in my opinion, but it’s very drinkable and smooth. I enjoy it a bit more everytime i come back to the bottle.

82/100 points

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Whisky review #48 Bruichladdich Octomore 5

Producer’s comments




This strong, handsome and well-endowed warrior jumps out of the glass and burns with the passion and fire that reflects Islay’s characteristics. The warm, smoky sweetness, the power of the swelling Atlantic Ocean, the passion of the Celts and the future pride of the Scots are all in your hand. How lucky are you?




Cadmium yellow/jasmine.




The burning peat fires send sparks of joy to the unsuspected olfactory organ that captivates and delights the senses, which have never had such natural pleasure. Now they are excited, stimulated and in awe of the power and youthfulness of the spirit. The barley sparkles, the oak softens, the fruits burst, the Atlantic gusts explode. Peat broods, sea mist churns, hedonistic heather; welcome to the aromatic world of artisanal single malt, heavily roasted, slowly distilled and matured at sea.




The texture of the mind is infinite, super smooth. At the entrance, it’s absolutely sensational, it’s like “Wow”! Don’t worry, everything will be fine, I promise you – the first taste is that of juniper oil, peat, smoked barley, salty cookies, light iodine, crushed cinnamon, then in a second step, the citrus flavors of grapefruit, mandarin, honey and lemon, as well as the sweetness of pear and pineapple, add a whole new dimension to the complexity of the spirit. The fruits balance the tones of the sea, the taste of oak ginger fights the peat and the citrus fruits help cool the heat of the fire. A perfect balance.




The warmth of the peat forests will warm the soul until the wee hours of the morning and when you wake up the next morning, your senses will ask, “Did it really happen?” hoping with all your heart that it will happen again.



Close your eyes as you breathe and you will be spiritually transported to the island of the great distillers, with a unique and natural terroir, where the incessant call of the sea is the hymn of Ileach.



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Whiskyreview #2 Ardbeg Galileo 49%

This is a celebration of Ardbeg experimenting with the effect that zero graivity would have on maturation of whisky in space, or something like that. A vatting of bourbon matured and marsala matured whisky (1999-2012). A very much loved and hated limited release from the Ardbeg distillery.

Let’s start with the nose. Wet ash, tobacco, cigarbox, sweet peatsmoke. Some white pepper, hay and faint citrus. If you add water to this (and I recomend you do) it really brings out the creamyness of the dram as it also becomes more “ardbegy”. So big peat on the palate accompanied by an unusual hint of redwine (probably from the madeira casks). More citrus, ash, white pepper and some marzipan notes.. It’s even a bit herbal. All good stuff. Even though this bottling has been critisised by the ardbeg fancrowd for not being good, authentic ardbeg, I think this is a damn good dram. It’s just a bit different, and that’s almost always a good thing.

Cudos to Ardbeg for daring to step outside their whiskybox.

91/100 points

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Whiskyreview #13 Mackmyra special05 happy hunting 47.2%

Mackmyra Special # 5 “Happy Hunting”
Country: Sweden

The color: Golden straw


Bottled around autumn, 2010, this is the 5th special release from the small swedish whisky distillery, Mackmyra. This malt has been matured in, brace yourself, casks that once held lingonberry and blueberry wine. Wow, very interesting, and refreshing indeed. Let’s see how it tastes..

Nose, this initially reminds me of homemade fruitliquers I’ve made. Very fruity and sweet. Hints of orange chocolate, very crisp. With water, a bit more creamyness. Vanilla sauce, gooseberry and lavender. Very pleasent lemony note after a while.

On the palate, this has the weirdest mouthfeel ever (in a good way). I’m not even gonna try to describe it cause i will fail. Taste however, sweet, fresh, floral, lemonpeel, pear cider, spearmint and pineapples. Green grapes, almost dry whitewine. A bit of heat on the front of the tounge, this is probably quite young whisky.

This was fun to try, different from anything i’ve ever tasted, and i liked it. Well done Mackmyra!

89/100 points

General Notes: The first Mackmyra Distillery was built in 1999. Today it is used only for special expressions and marketing events. The reason is that in 2012 a brand new distillery was built near the old one.
The new distillery is quite tall because it works on the principle of gravity. The water and malted barley start the process on the top floor and the product goes to the bottom floor where the stills are installed. Happy Hunting is the # 5 expression of a special series, launched between 2009 and 2013. It is truly different from your usual Scotch in the sense that it has matured in small Swedish oak barrels before being finished in. barrels saturated with Lingonberry wine. These berries are related to cranberries and blueberries. The Happy Hunting was inspired by an autumn walk in the forest and is not artificially colored. It has now been discontinued but was sold on average for US $ 80.

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