A bunch of beer!

Okay, so yesterday me and a few friends arranged a beer tasting over at my friend’s house. A lot of good and interesting beers were tried, and here’s a few of them. Quick and dirty.

arctic circleHuvila Arctic Circle Ale 7.3% / Malmgård Brewery, Finland

Hazy brown. Light and refreshing on the nose with hints of floral hops and coffee. The palate is spicy with hints of chocolate and dark roasted malt. Rich and smooth.

Quite delicious, indeedy.

84-ish/100 points


Slogen Brown Ale 4.7%slogen Batch: 132 / Trollbryggeriet, Norway

Clear brown with a with a head that’s quickly fading. Sharper in a way than the previous one. Hints of nuts and caramel. The palate is a bit thin with hints of sweet malt. More bitterness in the finish.

NB! This one was expired.

65-ish/100 points


Tiger Tripel 9% Batch: 995tigertripel / Nøgne Ø Brewery, Norway

Golden and hazy appearance, almost honey. On the nose it has sweet citrus and floral honey. Smells belgian. The palate is sweet and floral as well, with hints of oranges and light fruits.

All though this is a very decent tripel, I’m starting to realize that belgian beer in general is not quite my cup of tea(except for lambics).

70-ish/100 points

hesjHesjeøl/Harvest Ale 6.5 Batch: 728 / Haandbryggeriet, Norway

Hazy golden. Some smoke and dried grass/straws on the nose. Floral. Sausages on a bonfire/burnt salt meat, dried grass and ash on the palate.

Love this stuff!

89-ish/100 points


modusoperandiModus Operandi 7% / The Wild Beer Company, England

Hazy brown. Sour Coca-Cola, sweet wood and grapefruit on the nose. The palate has sour wine gums, some smoke, unripe fruits and green apples. Almost like sour, old and cold coffee.

Certainly very interesting stuff.

80-ish/100 points

amarillocitraIPA Amarillo and Citra 5.9% / Ugly Duck Brewing Co, Denmark

Light, hazy, golden! Hops, wet grass and wood sap. Sour hops on the palate and hint of soap. Refreshing stuff with a long and lingering finish.

Heavy on the hops, lovely.



Snake Dog IPA 7.1% / Flying Dogsnakedog Brewery, USA

Clear orange. Sweet and juicy clementines, fresh hops. The palate has citric hops and iron. Bitterness in the finish.

A relatively light and easy going IPA.

85ish/100 points


coisboAstoria Black 7.2% / Coisbo Beer, Denmark

Black! The nose has coffee, cherries and dark chocolate/cocoa. Dry roasted malt, coffee and earth on the palate.

Very much to my liking.

83-ish/100 points



Sunturnbrew 11% / Nøgne Ø Brewery,sunturnbrew Norway

Dark, dark brown. The nose has sweet chocolate, vanilla and spices. Sweet, concentrated and fruity on the palate. Coffee with sugar in it.

A bit too much on the sweet side, at least for my tastebuds.

81-ish/100 points

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Whisky Review #185 The Six Isles 43%

sixislesAnother malt blend, this time from Ian Macleod. This one consists of single malts from the six whisky producing scottish Isles(Islay, Jura, Arran, Mull, Orkney and Skye), hence the name.

On the nose: Sour smoke, wet grass, butter, salt and a tiny hint of green mint. More herbal with water. Hints of earth, peat and heather.

On the palate: Sweet ash, burnt popcorn, salt and smoke. A sweet and sort of artificial woody note appears once water is added. The finish has sweet smoke and hay. More bitterness with water.

Verdict: Uncomplicated and easy going stuff that improves quite a bit when given time. Not a fan of the burnt popcorn notes, though, but other than that it’s a pretty decent dram.

80/100 points

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Beer in whisk(e)y casks, Part 6 – Ægir

So Ægir brewery and Mackmyra distillery has been doing some cask swapping lately(see Mackmyra Ægir’s Bior) and I like that. It’s always fun when brewers and distillers do something different from time to time. Gævle ‘Wee Heavy Barrel’ is a scotch ale style of beer matured in hogsheads from Mackmyra.

ægirABV: 7%

Appearance: Dark red/brown-ish with a thick cappuchino foam.

On the nose: Sweet, sticky, syrupy malt. Caramel and a whiff of oak. Also a hint of chocolate, the cheap kind you find in advent calendars.

On the palate: Still sweet with hints of caramel, almonds and vanilla. Not a lot happening in the finish. Some sweetness.

Decent stuff, but where’s the peat I was promised on the label?

74/100 points


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Whisky Review #184 Talisker 25yo 57.2%

tal25Distilled 1980, bottled 2005. 15600 bottles in total.

On the nose: Sweet spices and oak in a wonderful, complex symphony. Sour oak, quite prominent given it’s age. Hints of smoked klosterkaas(cheese), hemp ropes, pear sorbet, lime and earth. With water I’m getting more oak, honey and spices. Even some salt licorice lurking in the background.

On the palate: Salt earth and peat, oak, alcohol, hairspray(!!!), burnt wood and some smoke. More pepper and burnt wood with water. The finish has a sweet grassy note to it with some dry wood and bitter herbs. More bitterness with water.

Loads of woody notes, but still very, very drinkable.

87/100 points

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Whisky Review #183 Talisker 10yo 45.8%

taliskerStandard stuff from the Isle of Skye.

On the nose: Smoke, seasalt, hay/straw, charred wood, spices and some sort of dark berry jam. Dry, unripe gooseberries. More fruit with water. Even some lemon sweets.

On the palate: Sweet and salt smoke, salt beach sand and black pepper. Quite spicy. Sweeter with water added. More salt and less smoke. Some dry grass. The finish has sour/sweet peat smoke and drying lemonpeel.

Good stuff.

87/100 points

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Whisky Review #182 Gjoleid ‘Svenneprøven’ Sherry Cask #9305 47%

gjoHere’s something a bit unusual. This is a 3,5 year old norwegian whisky distilled at Arcus distillery. The label of this bottle is ridiculously informative, which I quite like to be honest, and states everything from the different types of malt used(both wheat and barley malt!) to yeast varieties. It even states the temprature it’s been maturing in(!). Anyway, the whisky I’m reviewing is from bottle no.1074 out of 1221.

On the nose: Sweet malt, oatmeal, burnt popcorn, butter, subtle spices and wet cardboard. After a while the sherry becomes more prominent with a dry spicyness. Vanilla pods with water.

On the palate: Warm with hints of oatmeal again. Sweet herbs also. The mouthfeel is a bit funky, almost feels like it’s expanding in the mouth. Cinnamon buns with water. The finish is sweet and simplistic with warm spices.

Simple, decent and honest stuff. I especially liked the nose once it settled down a bit in the glass.

80/100 points

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Whisky Review #181 Tomintoul 27yo 40%

tomintoulA quicky now, from Tomintoul distillery.

On the nose: Sweet with light spices. Spiced honey, sherry and oak. Richer and fuller with a tiny drop of water in it. More honey.

On the palate: A bit thin but very clean and decent. Sweet sherry here as well. Some maplesyrup and malt. Water makes it more interesting with more oak spices and honey. The finish is sweet with light and spicy sherry wood. Medium length.

A bit boring and textbooky, in my opinion.

81/100 points

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Whisky Review #180 Big Peat Small Batch 50%

big peatA vatted Islay malt now, from Douglas Laing. This is the small batch version of Big Peat and like the other versions, this one also has Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and Port Ellen in it.

On the nose: Quite Caol Ila-ish, initially. Salt, sour smoke and kelps. Very seaweedy in general. Grassy, peaty earthy notes are also very much present. A bit sweeter after a while. Hints of lemonoil and wet leather.

On the palate: Surprisingly easy on the palate. Smoke, salt, citrus, og wood ashes. A hint of gooseberries with water added. The finish is smoky with sweet citrus and seasalt.

Very easy going and decent stuff. Not a lot of complexity here, but that’s okay. It is what it says it is – big on the peat.

84/100 points

(Thanks to Thomas for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #179 Amrut Intermediate Sherry (Batch 4) 57.1%

amrutAmrut is an indian whisky distillery, based in Bangalore down south in the country, and this is their ‘Intermediate Sherry’ expression which is a mix of both bourbon matured and sherry matured spirit. The whisky has been matured somewhere between 4 and 5 years, BUT due to the indian climate it might actually taste much older than it actually is… Or at least so I’ve heard. Let’s find out, shall we?

On the nose: Toffee, leather and chocolate. Quite rich. Hints of cinnamon, baked pears and apples. Has a really good balance between the bourbon and the sherry notes. Vanilla, wood sugars/sweet wood and maple syrup with water. Even a subtle hint of aged rum.

On the palate: Spicy and sweet, more sherry and more oak. Quite big in the mouth. Camphor sweets. Thicker and richer with water. The finish has dry and dusty oak, bitter wood spices, wood varnish, honey and sherry to it. Long and warming.

Fantastic whisky. And really interesting to see how much the climate(temprature, humidity ect.) can effect the maturation of a whisky. I mean, I feel like I learned something today.

Even at around £70, this’ll give you bang for your buck. This is a lot more interesting than a lot of scotch, say 15 year olds, in the same price range.

90/100 points

(Thanks to Thomas for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #178 Glen Keith 1970 (Silver Seal) 46.1%

glenkeithAnother old Speysider. This 40 year old Glen Keith was bottled in 2011 by the italian IB, Silver Seal, for the Sestante Collection. The whisky was drawn from cask #6037 that 235 bottles in total.

On the nose: Clementines/mandarine - sweet citrus! Hints of apricots and peaches also. Very fruity!  Some banana toffee and a hint of what I believe to be coffee liqueure. Juicier and spicier with water added.

On the palate: Plums. Overripe plums. Sweet grapefruit juice and oak. With water I’m getting oranges. The finish is also very fruity with citrus, plums and red grapes.

Brilliant suff! Probably the fruitiest whisky I’ve ever tried.

91/100 points

(Thanks to Patrik for the sample!)

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