Whisky Review #288 Oban 21 yo 58.5%

oban21From Diageo’s 2013 special release. Matured in “rejuvenated American oak and second fill ex-bodega casks.” 2860 bottles in total.

On the nose: Chocolate, pistachios, a hint of salt, coconuts, dried figs, canned fruits and dry oaky spicyness. Honey with water added. Fruitier and greener as well.

On tha palate: Sweet and salt. Honey, raspberry sweets and fruit tea. Very rich. More fruit tea with water, as well as some floral notes. The finish is sweet, with oak and red berries. Grassier and more floral with water.

Wonderful! A fruity whisky with loads of berry sweetness and tea. Even at almost 60%, I preferred this one neat.

91/100 points

(Thanks to Håvard for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #287 Glengoyne ‘Burnfoot’ 40%

burnfootBottled: 2010.

On the nose: Wet sawdust, cereals, ink, vanilla, mango and nuts. More malt and nuts with water added.

On the palate: Citrus, dry wood, norwegian krydderkake and a hint of honey. Malt and cereals in the finish. Very watery.

I’m not impressed. Bland and pointless stuff.


(Thanks to Håvard for the sample!)

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HSE Très Vieux Rhum Agricole VSOP 45%

rhumSome rhum now, from the isle of Martinique. This specific bottling is one I keep coming back to, and I’ve almost killed my second bottle of this stuff by now.  The rhum has been matured for a minimum of four years in both bourbon and french oak casks.

Distillery: Rhumerie du Simon

Bottled: +/-2014

On the nose: Sweet and aromatic oak. Brown sugar, overripe red apples and vanilla extract.  Slightly perfumey. Hints of tropical fruit juice. Water brings out cognac notes, more sweet oak, orange peel and cloves. Delicious.

On the palate: Sweet, spicy oak, dark syrup, caramel sauce pears. Juicier with water. Sweet lemon and pear candy(sort of an artificial pear note). In the finish I’m getting oranges as well as mildly spiced wood. Greener and more sugary with water.

Very decent stuff. Relatively complex, as well. Good balance between the sweetness and the wood.

86/100 points

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Whisky Review #286 Four Roses Single Barrel 50%

fourrosessbBatch: 9-1G, warehouse: ME.

On the nose: Red apples, cinnamon gum, creamy toffee, canned cherries and maple syrup. Smells thick in a way. More oak with water. Slightly spicy. More balanced now, not as sweet as it was neat.

On the palate: Sweet oak, maple syrup, brown sugar, pepper and cola. More charred wood and spicyness with water. Oaky spices are also present in the finish. Subtle hints of cinnamon, wood varnish and sweet wood sap.

Decent bourbon. Best served with a drop of water.

86/100 points

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Whisky Review #285 Glentauchers 1997 G&M / The Whisky Exchange Exclusive 54.3%

glentauchersgmDistilled: 27.10.97, bottled: 30.10.13.

Refill sherry hogshead #5580.

On the nose: Wow! Gingerbread and cookie dough. Dark chocolate, marzipan, cinnamon, sweet red wine, leather, prunes and blackberries. Incredibly entertaining stuff. More gingerbread with water, as well as freshly baked pastries. Cardamom and sweet cinnamon. Delicious stuff!

On the palate: Sweet and concentrated. Oaky spices and marzipan soaked in madeira. Hints of pepper and brown sugar with water added. Getting loads of leather in the finish. And sherry. It’s sort of wet, but at the same time it leaves the mouth feeling dusty after a few seconds. Water makes it sweeter with hints of charred wood and candied almonds

Brilliant whisky. Especially the nose. Probably the most ‘christmasy’ whisky I’ve ever tried..

92/100 points.

(Thanks to Kenneth for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #284 Port Ellen 1982 G&M Connoisseurs Choice 43%

PEGMCCAnother Port Ellen now. Distilled in september 1982, and bottled in october 2010 by Gordon and Macphail. Drawn from a refill sherry butt.

On the nose: Salt seaspray. Quite light, with pepper oils and lemon oil. Hints of green grass and vague bonfire smoke. Quite ashy. Thicker smoke with water added. Even a hint of spearmint after a while.

On the palate: Sweet. Subtle smoke, grass and charred oak. Some salt also. Water brings out some citrus. Wet rocks is also something that comes to mind when sipping this. The finish has dry smoke and earth. Greener with water.

A refreshing and quite “green” Port Ellen.

87/100 points

(Thanks to Are for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #283 Springbank 19 yo Dr. Jekyll’s Expression 58.8%

springbank19csThis is a single cask bottling from Springbank, bottled for Dr. Jekyll’s pub in Oslo. Big ups to Håvard for hooking me up with a bottle of this stuff, as I was too late to place an order myself.

Distilled: 05.1995, bottled: 07.2014. 234 bottles.

On the nose: Vanilla, lemon, green apples, sweet resin, unripe gooseberries and freshly cut grass. Refreshing and super complex stuff! Pears, lemon oil, fructose and fruit sorbet. Hints of fresh coriander with water. Beach sand and sweet, green grapes.

On the palate: Crisp and juicy! Pear sorbet, lime and green apples. Very sweet and fruity. More oak with water added. Eucalyptus, citrus and a hint of pine needles. The finish is sweet and green with dry spices. Water makes it grassier, with more acidic green apples.

Brilliant whisky!

94/100 points

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Whisky Review #282 Glen Scotia 1992 Samaroli ‘Coilltean’ 45%

sacoillteanMatured for about 17 years in a first fill fino sherry butt(#3), bottled in 2009 by the italian IB, Samaroli, with an outturn of 858 bottles.

On the nose: Dusty. Wet sawdust, raisins and struck matches. Hints of smoked ham and salt also. Sweeter with water added. Hemp, hay, cardboard, sulphur and plums. Hints of licorice after some time in the glass.

On the palate: Peat and dirt. Salt, rotten wood and burnt straws. Quite vegetal in a way. More peat and salt with water. Earthier also, with hints of orangepeel. The finish is quite bitter with hints of driftwood, ash and sulphur. Bitter licorice with water.

Water improves the overall experience on this one, but it still has a bit too much of the rotten wood and sulphury notes for me to thoroughly enjoy it.

79/100 points

(Thanks to Stian for the generous sample!)

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Whisky Review #281 Bowmore 2001 Blackadder Raw Cask 59.2%

blackaddAnother Raw Cask. This 13 year old Bowmore was drawn from a hogshead(#20064) that gave 308 bottles in total.

Distilled: March 2001, bottled: July 2014.

On the nose: Sweet with hints of lemon sorbet. Slightly maritime. Peatsmoke is very much present, but it’s in no way overpowering. Dry grass, hemp ropes and some salt. Licorice and soot after a while. Water brings out cloves, pepper, charred wood, raspberry sweets and subtle vanilla notes.

On the palate: Smoke and rotten wood. Slightly metallic and quite bitter initially. Juicier with water added. Hints of grapefruit and orange peel. The finish has salt smoke and dry, hot spices. Sorta has a herbal and vegetal feel to it. More charred wood with water.

A very decent Bowmore, but with a bit too much of the charred/woody/bitter notes.  Other than that it’s quite delicious. I’m still fascinated by the sediments floating around in the bottle..

87/100 points

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They shall be missed!



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