Whisky Review #315 Bruichladdich 25 yo (OMC) 48.3%

lad25Distilled: 02.1988, bottled: 05.2013

Drawn from a refill hogshead(HL 9810). 328 bottles.

On the nose: Feels a bit closed at first sniff. Getting some ash, wet grass and cranberries. Some vegetal notes as well. Almost rustic. Sweet potatoes, spicy oak, earth and salt. A drop of water changes everything. Fruity sorbet, lemonade and green grass.

On the palate: Delicious! Salt, sweet lemon, green apples and green tea. Slightly herbal. More citrus with water. Super crisp and juicy. The finish has salt, citrus and some smoke. Slightly dry. More refreshing citrus notes with water, as well as green apples and pears.

A whisky that needs time and a few drops of water to open up. Excellent whisky, but not a very typical/recognisable Bruichladdich as far as my experience goes(but then again, I haven’t tried a lot of old Laddie’s).

90/100 points

(Thanks to Tor Gunnar for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #314 George T. Stagg 2006 70.3%

gts06Distilled: 1990, bottled: 2006.

On the nose: Wow! Thick and syrupy. Red mealy apples, brown sugar, loads of caramel, peanuts, milk chocolate, aged rum, coconuts and licorice. Almost buttery. Water brings out vanilla pods and more coconuts. Some tobacco as well. It actually smells pretty close to a pipe/pipe tobacco shop I once visited in Leeds.

On the palate: Big and oily. Red berries, red apples, charred wood and canned cherries. More berries with water. Almost like strawberry sauce or something. The finish is long and fruity with hints of cinnamon gum(Big Red), Coca Cola and Dr.Pepper. Spicier with water. More wood and pipe tobacco. A bit sweeter with time.

Frikkin’ amazing stuff. It’s even deliciously drinkable at barrel proof(who’da thunk!?). Super complex with a never ending development in the glass.

96/100 points

(Thanks to Håvard for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #313 Macallan ‘Select Oak’ 40%

macseloakBottled in 2009.

On the nose: Malt, honey and a bit of hay. Light and sweet. Some blackcurrants also. Fruitier with water. Lime and pears.

On the palate: Thin and sweet with hints of gooseberries and citrus. Water brings out some malt and spices. Dusty wood and as well as some green-ish notes in the finish. Water brings out more spicyness here as well.

Quite crisp and fresh, but that doesn’t save it from ending up in the ‘super boring’ category.

79/100 points

(Thanks to Håvard for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #312 Aberlour A’bunadh Batch #50 59.6%

batch50Bottled in 2014.

On the nose: Much more what you’d expect from an Aberlour, compared to batch #19. Floral sherry notes with hints of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and raisins. Fruity tea, coca-cola, freshly ground coffee and a hint of vinegar. No noteworthy differences with water added. Hints of hemp ropes and olives with a bit of good will, maybe.

On the palate: Big and sharp with a slightly spicy edge to it. Dried figs, charred oak, prunes and walnuts. Adding water brings out plums, malt and creamy toffee notes. Still a bit sharp. Charred wood in the finish as well. Sherry and walnuts. A fair amount of heat here.

Definitely needs water on the palate. It tastes younger and rougher than the previous one, but it’s still fairly good stuff in my opinion. A bit textbooky, maybe.

86/100 points

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Whisky Review #311 Aberlour A’bunadh Batch #19 59.9%

Bottled in 2007batch19.

On the nose: Leather, dried apricots and soft oaky spices. Also some incense(the one we burn for christmas here in norway). Quite easy on the nose considering it’s high ABV. Thicker and deeper in a way with water added. Prominent custard notes. Or more like creme brulee.. yep, that’s it. Delicious stuff indeed.

On the palate: Toffee and sherry. Sweet and crisp with tons of red berries. Cherries and strawberries in particular. More toffee with water. Dusty wood and wood varnish as well. The finish is long with a sweet and savory fruityness. Green twigs and apples. More spicyness with water.

Very drinkable at cask strength. Sweet and crisp. Not a heavy sherry bomb, although the sherry grows more prominent in the glass with a drop of water added.

91/100 points

(Thanks to Ragnhild for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #310 Jim Beam Single Barrel 95 Proof / 47.5%

jimbeamsbBarrel No. 4-057

Bottled: 24.01.14

On the nose: Fairly rich with whiffs of maple syrup, bananas, dry charred wood, toffee and canned cherries. A drop of water changes everything.  Getting sweet grass, menthol and tea. Fresh and green.

On the palate: Sweet and fruity. Oak, ash and subtle peppery notes in the background. Camphor sweets, syrup and wood sap. The finish is long and rich with marzipan, tobacco leaves and dry apple cider.

Good bourbon. There’s a lot of ‘oomph’ in this, compared to what you pay(I think I paid somewhere around 50USD).

85/100 points

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Whisky Review #309 Benromach 1978 Rare Malts 63.8%

benromach1978Distilled: 1978, bottled: 1998

On the nose: Sweet. Malt, heavy honey and a pinch of salt. Some charred wood in the background. Some red fruits as well, plums in particular. I’m also getting apples, strawberries, mint and melons. Hints of cookie dough as well. Water brings out oranges, wet sand and dusty oak. Slightly sugary.

On the palate: Oooh, this is strong. Getting oranges, orange sweets, malt and honey. More viscosity with water. And more fruit, without me being able to be more specific.  The finish, however, is sweet and malty with camphory notes. Water brings out more oranges as well as a subtle spicyness. Light and floral peppery notes.

A decent whisky, but a bit too textbooky in my opinion. It gets boring after a while. Also, there’s no traces of peat here, as opposed to the contemporary bottlings I’ve tried from Benromach.

84/100 points

(Thanks to Ivar for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #308 Cooley 21 yo / Cadenhead’s World Whiskies 56.3%

cooley21Drawn from a bourbon barrel with an outturn of 210 bottles.

Distilled: 1992, bottled: 2013

On the nose: Yum! Honey sweetness, some fresh wood, earth and lamp oil. Some lemon rind as well. And dried fruits(papaya, mango ect.) More fruit with water, but they’re not dried now. Red apples, bananas and pears. Some vanilla and heather. More and more lemon rind with time.

On the palate: Oily and citric(think lemon oil). Slightly herbal with wood sap and dandelion leaves. Crisper with water. Green apples, gooseberries and grass. Some spicy wood and grass in the finish as well. Long and lovely. Slightly bitter with a hints of ash and herbs. More lemon rind and lemon oil with water.

Needless to say, this is quite citric stuff. I like it. Although it says it’s peated on the label, I’m not getting too much of that.

87/100 points

(And thanks to Håvard fro the sample!)

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Jamaica 1982 “Flying” no.11 / Ian Macleod for Juuls Vin & Spiritus 61.6%

jamaica82One more, just for fun. This 30 year old single cask was bottled in 2013 by Ian Macleod for Juuls Vin & Spritis in Copenhagen. Drawn from a bourbon barrel(#16), with an outturn of 186 bottles.

On the nose: Very herbal, with a hint of salt licorice. Some chocolate, toffee, green grass, burnt hay and raspberry sweets. Getting vanilla, butter, cinnamon, caramel and coffee beans with water added.

On the palate: Very floral. Honey, black tea, sweet grass, wine gums, oak, lime and cocoa. More citrus with water. Very zesty stuff. Orange peel and unripe plums. The finish is still quite floral with lightly roasted coffee beans. Green pepper, fresh wood sap and grass with water.

An extreme rum, for sure. Very green and floral.

89/100 points

(Thanks to Håvard for the sample!)

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Origenes Reserva Don Pancho 30 yo 40%

origenes30Another rum. This time, a Panamanian one.

Bottled: +/-2013

Bottle no.: 201

On the nose: Brown sugar, oak, dark syrup, toffee and bananas. Some chocolate and canned tropical fruits as well. Very rich. Hints of sweet licorice with time. Cookie dough is coming through with water added. Even a hint of soy sauce can be found lurking in the background of it all.

On the palate: Sweet and mellow with wood sap, syrup, oak and candied almonds. Some dry cocoa and marzipan also. Well balanced. Some camphor sweets with water. The finish has burnt sugar and wood varnish. Slightly nutty. And rather long.

Delicious and quite complex stuff. Works well at 40 ABV also. Very entertaining.

90/100 points

(Thanks to Håvard for the sample!)

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