Whisky Review #303 Glenfarclas 21 yo 43%

gf21Bottled: +/- 2014

On the nose: Sweet. Dried fruits, leather, blackberries, blackcurrants and old dusty wood(think old dusty treasure chest you’ve found in your grandma’s attic). Some strawberries as well. Very fruity. Vanilla pods and oranges. Honey and melons(cantaloupe, honeydew ect.) with water. More oranges as well.

On the palate: Light spices, oak and sweet sherry. Light and well balanced. Dark berries, dark chocolate and coffee. Malt and toffee with water. Some cardamom also, I think. The finish has malt sweetness, dusty oak and cocoa. More dust and charred wood with water.

A delicious and well balanced dram. Not a sherry bomb per se, it’s more subtle than that. When I first opened the bottle it had some unpleasant sulphury notes, on the nose especially, but as I’ve worked my way through the bottle it’s seemed to disappear more and more. All in all very good stuff. I’ll probably buy another bottle…

86/100 points

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Whisky Review #302 Caol Ila 1978 Rare Malts 61.7%

caolilarmDistilled: 1978, bottled: 2002.

On the nose: Salt and slightly mineraly. Light puffs of smoke. Grass, lemon rind and sweet malt. Some spearmint and white chocolate after 10 minutes in the glass. Fruitier with water. Mango, peaches and blood oranges.

On the palate: Definitely more peat smoke here. Quite ashy. Juicy citrus and sea spray. Rather sweet and fruity after some time. The mouthfeel becomes more oily with water. More smoke and pepper as well. Some floral notes as well. The finish has salt, ashes, smoke, toasted oak and freshly cut grass. More wood, salt and ash with water.

Brilliant! Natural and delicious stuff. Just remember to give it some time(and a drop of water) in the glass.

88/100 points

(Thanks to Ivar for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #301 Ardmore 2000 Svenska Eldvatten 50.2%

ardmoreDistilled: 2000, bottled: 2014.

Ex-bourbon barrel #SE030. 180 bottles.

On the nose: Grass, peat, salt, rubber boots, swamp water, hay, seaweed, kelps and beachsand. Water makes it more herbal and vegetal. Wet rubber boots now. And wet earth.

On the palate: Some sweetness here. Peat and vanilla. Malt, unripe green apples and salt. Fruitier with water. Less peat and salt. Hints of brown sugar. The finish is earthy and ashy with a fair amount of bitter oak and seaspray. Some brown sugar here as well, with water added.

The rubber boots on the nose are throwing me a bit off, but other than that it’s a perfectly good dram. Thumbs up!

85/100 points

(Thanks to Johan for the Sample!)

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Whisky Review #300 North Highland 1995 Svenska Eldvatten 56.1%

nhse95Some mysterious stuff from Svenska Eldvatten now.

Distilled: March 1995, bottled: Ovtober, 2013.

1st fill sherry cask #233123, 428 bottles.

On the nose: Wood varnish, prunes, caramel sauce, milk chocolate, brown sugar and dried fruits(mango, papaya ect.). Delicious! Getting hints of peach candy also(Haribo). Vanilla and more brown sugar with water. Creme brulee and sweet red wine.

On the palate: Juicy mouthfeel. Sweet fruits, peach candy, oaky spices and clementines. More prominent sherry wood with water added. Malt, dark syrup and blackcurrants. Long and sweet finish with peach candy and chocolate. Slightly greener and more honeyed with water added.

Delicious stuff from the swedes, yet again. Could sniff this for hours..

93/100 points

(Thanks to Johan for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #299 Clynelish 1996 Berry Bros & Rudd 57.1%

clynelishBottled for Le Maison du Whisky in 2013.

Cask: #6421

On the nose: Salt, malt, coconuts and green herbs(mint in particular). More malt with water. A bit of ash is also present as well as juicy oranges.

On the palate: Spicy oak with a touch of seasalt. Some peat and earthyness as well. A very straight forward malt indeed. Water opens up for malty and peppery notes. Slightly mineraly, with hints of lemon rind. Tingly spicy in the finish. Salt, earth, oak and pepper. Some lemon rind here as well.

Clynelish is still a winner. Although this is not my favourite bottling to date, it’s still a ‘well composed’ whisky.

87/100 Points

(Thanks to Kenneth for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #298 Ben Nevis 1998 Single Cask 56.1%

bennevisDistilled: 23.061998, bottled: 10.2013.

Matured in a 1st fill sherry butt(#586).

595 bottles.

On the nose: Heavy sherry. Sweet blackberries, blackcurrants and prunes. Toffee, brown sugar, aged rum and cough mixture. Sticky and syrupy. Hints of raspberries and burnt sugar with water.

On the palate: Sweet and syrupy with tons of spices. A slight alcoholic sting is also present. Prominent sherry, cherries, figs, grape juice, dry oak and tannins. Well balanced, especially in the finish. Sweet sherry and crisp oak. Still quite spicy. Hints of beeswax with water.

My kind of sherry bomb! Big and juicy!

91/100 points

(Thanks to Håvard for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #297 Benromach 10 yo 100 Proof 57%

benromachA fairly new release from Benromach now.

Bottled: 2014 (October, I think..)

On the nose: Rich and spicy. Honey, sweet wood, malt extract, red mealy apples, baked apples and nuts. Hints of coconuts and toffee after a while. Water brings out wood varnish as well as dusty and charred wood.

On the palate: Sherry, peat, salt, pepper, smoke, lemon rind and earth. Oranges and bitter grass with water. Getting herbal notes and ash in the finish. A bit earthy and vegetal. Subtle mineraly notes as well. More sweetness with water, but still quite earthy.

Highly drinkable. Complex and intriguing. I’m truly impressed by this.

90/100 points

(Thanks to Håvard for the sample!)

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Whisky Review #296 Littlemill 1990 The Whisky Agency / Sea Life 52.2%

littlemilltwe22Bottled in 2012. Drawn from a refill sherry butt. 719 bottles.

On the nose: Sweet. Cereals(oats in particular), saw dust, pears and peach candy. No noteworthy difference with water added.

On the palate: Icing sugar, sweet citrus, gooseberries and kiwi. Sweet fruits in the finish. Green apples and gooseberries. More malt with water added.

Quite neutral and pale stuff. No ‘off-notes’ as far as I can tell, but I’d hesitate to buy a bottle of this stuff.

84/100 points.

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Whisky Review #295 Hanyu 2000/2008 Ichiro’s Malt ‘Seven of Clubs’ 59%

hanyuFrom bottle no. 100/345(The one they have standing at The Whisky Bar, Oslo).

On the nose: Plums, spices, chocolate and alcohol. Syrup, oak and dark toffee. Feels a bit restrained. Water opens up for some vanilla, cereals, aged rum and more chocolate. Quite a lot of cask influence, despite it’s young age.

On the palate: Wet and syurpy. A bit sharp. Red berries, malt and pepper. Darker berries with water added, as well as some tropical fruit juice. Peppery oak and pears in the finish. Spicier with water.

Good stuff with a lot of ‘oomph’. However, I do find it to be a bit unrefined and sharp around the edges – even with a fair amount added.

86/100 points

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Whisky Review #294 Glen Ord 1996 Clydesdale 57.2%

glenordclydesdaleA 15 year old Glen Ord now, bottled by Clydesdale.

Distilled: 07.02.1996, bottled: 11.2013

Cask: #CO389, 275 bottles.

On the nose: Freshly cut grass, salt, earth, subtle peat smoke, bitter citrus, salt licorice and pears. Water brings out subtle honey, green apples(barely ripe) and more pears. Even some pear sorbet.

On the palate: Fruity smoke, citrus, grass, green twigs and a hint of wood sap. Green apples and lemon ice tea with water. The finish is vegetal and green. Peat, grass and sweet lemon. Slightly drying with tingly herbs and spices. Sweet mint with water.

Rather complex stuff, both on the nose and on the palate. Green and delicious.

89(ALMOST 90)/100 points

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